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The Reality of Affording Your Own Hot Rod?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Can anybody really have their own play toy? That all depends on the person and the budget. I believe anybody can but that it depends if there expectations and budget align. Reality plays a huge part in the process.

Facing Reality!

The reality of you owning your own hot rod has many factors involved. The key factors involve desires, budget and time. You can't get caught up on what you see on tv and online if you don't have an unlimited budget. Understand its probably not happening unless you are willing to make sacrifices. Don't be afraid to gradually work your self up. Your first ride doesn't have to be a Sema special. Look at your own abilities and budget then go from there. Richard Rawling first car didn't cost a hundred grand. John force didn't start out driving a 300 mph funny car. Just start out with what you are capable of doing and let it evolve over time.

What you need to Know

Three things that don't go together are fast, cheap and quality! You may get two but you almost never get all three at the same time. First off, if you want it done fast with good quality it's not going to be cheap. If you want it cheap and good quality it is not going to be fast. If you get it done fast and cheap it generally not good quality. Let's say you know a guy who does good work and is willing to give you a deal. He is not going to be in any hurry to get you done because he is not getting his money's worth. This scenario is generally going to be done on nights and weekends so he can stick some side cash in his pocket. That means your project is going to be done in his spare time so don't plan on having it any time soon.

Get Rolling!

You have to take a realistic look at your abilities. Can you do any of the work yourself or are you going to let someone else do all the work for you. Are you looking for something you can drive a lot or is this going to be mainly for the occasional car show? Are you building it for the street or is it for some specific type of motorsports. These questions will determine what you are capable of doing on your budget.

The more you can do for your self, the more you can get out of a smaller budget. If you aren't that mechanically inclined and have a small budget you just have to start a little simpler. That being said it doesn't mean you can't have a cool ride. You just have to do it in smaller increments. To wrap things up I believe anyone can have their own hot rod. Just remember you don't have to go full bore right out the gate. Remember the process is part of the fun.


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